Solar Window Film Options for Your Home

Solar window film installation is one of the many options you have to improve your home’s energy efficiency. The films reflect a significant percentage of sunlight away from your home’s interior, which means less heat enters your home overall.
Additionally, installing solar film on your residential windows prevents fading inside your home. Sunlight includes UV rays, which break down the chemical bonds in your belongings and cause the fading. Most solar films block 95% or better of the UV rays.
UV rays also affect people, so reducing their presence in your home can help your family. The amount of UV entering your home is already reduced by your windows, and adding solar window film minimizes the effects of UV radiation further.
These days, technology is everywhere, and screen glare determines how many people arrange their rooms. When you install solar films in your home, you will see an immediate reduction in screen glare on every device.
The benefits of adding high-quality solar window film to your home are immediately observable. You have options for how you want your solar film to look on your home.


Ceramic solar tint offers clear views from the inside and only slight differences in the appearance of the outside of your home. In addition, this solar tint blocks heat, UV rays, and glare from entering your home like a solar window film does.

Ceramic tints are metal- and dye-free. These properties mean that the tint will not discolor over time and it is less prone to cracking. Ceramic is also less reflective inside based on its composition, so your home remains comfortable.

One-Way Privacy

One way solar privacy film acts as a one-way mirror. The film reflects sunlight out but does not completely obstruct your family’s view of the outside world. While this option may be a little darker than ceramic, for example, it does maximize your energy efficiency

The one-way privacy option is fantastic for rooms that face sidewalks or close neighbors. People will no longer be able to see inside your home, and the increased privacy is liberating. Using a one-way solar film is a much more cost-effective way to achieve this privacy than window replacements.

Dual Reflective

Dual reflective window film is a great option to maximize the benefits of the solar film while reducing its impact on your views. Dual reflective window film reduces the inside glare so that you can see out of your windows through the darker exterior layer.

This option is great for people who want everything. Dual reflective solar window film offers fantastic heat and glare reduction while also allowing you to maintain your views from your home. It’s also a great option for privacy.

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