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Residential and Commercial Film

What Can We Help You With?

At Modern Tint, we serve our neighbors with high-quality building film installation. We believe that we’re here to provide the best products and installation possible for every flat window film type.


Residential Window Film

Your home is your sanctuary. Applying flat glass film can provide greater privacy, reduce glare, and minimize sun exposure for your whole family. Modern Tint will customize a plan to fit your unique home and install it like you’re our family.

We can install:

      • Solar
      • Decorative
      • Security



Commercial Window Film

Film for the exterior windows and doors of your commercial space can lower energy bills, reduce screen glare, and improve your work environment. Modern Tint supplies custom solutions for all of your windows.

We can install:

  • Solar
  • Decorative
  • Security
  • Anti-Graffiti

Residential Window Film Application

Commercial Window Film Application

Benefits of Installing Flat Glass Film.

These benefits apply to the residential and commercial spaces we work in. If you would like to know more, please get in touch with us.


Glare Removal

Sunlight bouncing off device screens makes them impossible to work on. Without a solution, the glare dictates your office layout and affects your employee productivity.

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Fade Resistance

Not only do the sun’s rays bring heat, but they also bring UV exposure. UV tends to break down chemical bonds, so having film reflect it away ensures your items last longer.

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Security Benefits

Adding a film to your glass strengthens it and helps keep the window together in the event of damage. All films provide this feature, though security film does it best.



Certain types of window film limit visibility into the space, which provides privacy. People feel more comfortable living and working when others can’t see in after all.


Heat Reduction

The sun’s rays carry heat into your building. By reflecting them away from your space, you will see a decrease in your energy bills throughout the year.


Environmentally Friendly

All window film and building film helps improve the energy efficiency of the space. By reflecting sunlight, your whole building benefits.