Varieties of Anti-Graffiti Films

An anti-graffiti film protects your windows without changing the feel of your space. Most anti-graffiti films are invisible unless you’re looking for them, and they offer basic protection against sunlight as well.
Graffiti is a form of vandalism typically conducted using spray paint. Unfortunately, you cannot simply pick up and move your commercial building once it has been vandalized. Instead, it would be best if you prepared for the next incident.
Anti-graffiti film is a clear solution. Properly applied, this material bonds with windows while also remaining easy to remove. When an incident of vandalism happens, your simply have your contractors peel the film off with the vandalism after documenting the incident with the police and add a new film layer.
These films come in various sizes. Installers cut the film to fit your needs no matter how complex your exterior windows are. Choosing an anti-graffiti film today makes your next vandalism incident much easier to handle.

Four Millimeter Film

Four millimeters refers to the thickness of the anti-graffiti film for your commercial business. Generally, installers prefer to use this glass film on indoor objects like mirrors in bathrooms that are also subject to vandalism.

With four millimeter film, the finish is optically clear. Unless the graffiti sprayers and vandals look at it a certain way, there’s no reason for them to suspect it’s there. If they do not notice it, then you do not need to worry about them removing it before vandalizing your property.

When you do have vandalism or graffiti, this film is simple for professionals to remove and install a new film over. Then, your commercial space looks like the incident never happened once the new film comes in.

Six Millimeter Film

Six millimeter film is the most common variety, and it is favored in outdoor applications. The extra thickness means extra durability to combat exposure to the elements as well as the graffiti the film is meant to catch.

With six millimeter anti-graffiti film, you do not need to worry about what vandals paint on your windows or how difficult it is to get off of your windows. With professionally installed anti-graffiti film, the film simply peels off and a new layer installed.

Having a professional company handle your anti-graffiti window film ensures that your windows are well protected, and the film is unnoticeable. Many professional companies also offer quick replacement services since they already have the measurements for your commercial space’s anti-graffiti film.

Finding the Right Anti-Graffiti Film

There are many different brands of anti-graffiti film for commercial properties available, and each has its unique properties to consider. The thicker a film is, for example, the harder it is to break. Some manufacturers also create an anti-graffiti film that works inside or outside your building.

Give Modern Tint a call when you need professional advice on anti-graffiti window film for your commercial building. Our team has extensive experience in developing the ideal solution for your situation.