Common Types of Decorative Solar Film for Commercial Buildings

Decorative solar film for commercial buildings is often used in the interior of the building. It forms accents and helps divide spaces so that people can work efficiently. Frequently, these pieces also provide a sense of separation within a space.
Using decorative solar film for your building is a fantastic option for creating privacy within your office as well, even with a more open office layout. When you apply decorative window film, you’re only adding a layer to the window that people can’t see through, not replacing the window with a wall.
Decorative window film also has external options to create a unique look for passers-by or beautify a work environment. It can become a branding point for stores and attract more window shoppers to enter the store.


The frosted film look is often what comes to mind with decorative window film for commercial buildings. The frosted window film is opaque from both sides, which creates privacy and limits light transmission. However, it will not change the entire feel of your space.

Frosted window films are a fantastic option for glass cubicles, conference rooms, and simply separating a space with an accent windowpane. All of these uses improve privacy and confidentiality within your commercial space, no matter your business niche.


Whiteout window film for commercial buildings allows you to completely block the view from your space without sacrificing the bright and airy feel. This unique option is great for creating privacy and a confidential setting.

Whiteout window film prevents people from looking out or in. It’s a cost-effective option rather than replacing the windows to obtain the privacy you need for your business. Additionally, using whiteout window film on your commercial building exterior could create utility savings.


Blackout window film is a fantastic option if you need somewhere completely dark. This window film for commercial buildings blocks out all light. A properly installed film lasts for over a decade under normal circumstances.

With blackout window film, you’re creating an area where you control the lighting. This option creates privacy and confidentiality in addition to the dark area since no one can see through the blackout film.


Patterned frosted glass is an excellent option to add a unique touch to your commercial space. There are many distinct options for your consideration, and choosing one allows you to create beauty as well as privacy.

Patterned frosted glass for commercial buildings can become a signature look or add interest for those passing by. Internally, this is a fantastic option for accent windows and offices alike, as it keeps the space dynamic.


Milano window film is another option, though it’s not quite the same as frosted glass. Instead, this film is positioned in stripes to control light and privacy. Since the stripes are opaque, it’s not technically frosted glass.

Milano is a fantastic option to divide employee and customer spaces. It can also function well on cubicles, conference rooms, and accent walls with the right installer. Using this option can change the whole feel of your commercial space in an afternoon.

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