Understanding Security Window Film Thicknesses

Feeling secure and safe in your own home should not be a question. Adding security window film to your windows today can add another layer to your home security system that lasts for years.
Installing a security window film manages one of the most significant vulnerabilities in security, the glass. Without treatment from the manufacturer or through window films, glass can easily shatter when you most need it to function.
A security window film helps you in the event of forced entry. It takes longer to break a window with a film installed, and in some cases, this can deter criminals before they enter your home. Installing a security film works well with digital monitoring as well.
Security window films are also useful in case of a natural disaster such as an earthquake. These events tend to throw debris around at high speeds, and a film can prevent the window from shattering completely.
Determining the right film thickness for your window is imperative. Without doing this, you may end up with a residential window film that is too weak for your needs.

3 to 4 Millimeters

This thickness is suitable for natural disasters. It is enough to keep most glass intact through an earthquake or series of small impacts. However, as far as flat glass film goes, the thickness will not help much in the event of a forced entry.

Choosing this film ensures that you are not injured by flying glass or glass shards during a natural disaster. Unfortunately, many people are injured by broken glass after a natural disaster and experience difficulty seeking care.

7 to 8 Millimeters

This thickness of residential security window film not only covers natural disasters but also prolongs forced entries. The fact that it covers both makes this a popular thickness to install in homes and other residences.

It’s essential to recognize that this thickness of residential security window film only prolongs forced entries and cannot stop them entirely. It provides time to call for help and reach a safe location.

13 to 14 Millimeters

This choice is the thickest option you may find through conventional installers. Applying this film can significantly prolong a forced entry event so that there is time for help to arrive. It also offers all of the benefits in a natural disaster situation.

Due to the thickness, this is the most expensive option. However, your family’s safety may depend on these residential security window films. Therefore, choosing a professional installer and the best film option possible is in your best interests.

Professional Security Window Film Installation

Finding the best installer possible can ensure that your residential security window film lasts as long as possible. Additionally, you want to ensure that the company you pick has the knowledge for the best installation possible.

If you want an installation team that does it right every time, contact Modern Tint today for your consultation.