Types of Residential Decorative Window Film

Residential decorative window film offers many benefits, including adding both privacy and beauty to your home. With decorative flat window film, you can achieve the look you want while making your home more efficient overall.
If you use decorative film on the exterior of your home, it can block heat and minimize the number of UV rays that enter your home. The effect makes your home more energy-efficient, and you can see the savings on your utility bills.
Adding interior decorative window films helps you beautify your home and improve the overall function. For example, adding decorative window film to a glass shower enclosure can create privacy even in a shared bathroom.
You have many residential decorative window film options, and choosing the perfect one for your home may require some investigation.


When most people think of residential window tinting, this is where their minds go. Residential frosted glass ensures privacy wherever you install it. It can work on an exterior window or as part of an interior design piece.
Frosted residential window film diffuses light, which prevents it from entering a space as harsh rays. Frost window film comes in a variety of opacities, so you can choose how much light gets through and how much privacy the film supplies.


With gradient window film, the opacity changes over the course of each section. This choice is fantastic for ensuring your privacy without completely blocking your sight of the outside world. For example, placing this film on a back door means you could still see the yard, but the neighbors couldn’t see your kid’s toys scattered over the floor.

Gradients can be installed in any direction you like. This fact creates more options on how you want to control the privacy of your home. Installing a gradient window film offers exceptional control for you.

Blackout and Whiteout

Blackout and whiteout residential window films entirely block the view from the outside. Both accomplish the same task but do it in different ways. If you want to maintain a light look, you want to use a whiteout film.
Typical uses for these residential decorative window films are modifying a bathroom or creating a dark room. In both cases, you do not want people to see into the space from the outside at all. Using whiteout and blackout films guarantees that outcome.


Patterned residential decorative window films let you make the space more suited to your style while offering privacy. If you can envision it, someone has a pattern for it. In addition, these decorative window films provide sun-blocking benefits the others due when used on an exterior.
Patterned decorative window film is the best option if you want a personalized look. Whether you want geometric or floral, a food installer can find the pattern you envision and install it perfectly in your home.
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