Types of Solar Window Film for Commercial Buildings

There are several options for solar film for your commercial building, and each offers unique benefits for your space. However, each solar film also improves your commercial environment and addresses intricate issues many commercial buildings experience.
Commercial spaces without solar film tend to have higher utility bills due to the sunlight streaming through the windows. While lovely, installing solar film for commercial buildings reflects a significant portion of the sun’s rays.
The benefits are immediate. From the utility bill to how long items last, the change affects your commercial space. You may even see your employees enjoying the change with less glare on their screens.


Ceramic solar window tint is one of the clear options you can choose from. This tint option does not impede visibility from either side of the glass, which makes it perfect for stores and atriums. Ceramic can block over half of the sun’s rays and almost all of the UV rays.

In addition to its transparency, modern ceramic materials are dye- and metal-free. These properties ensure that your choice of solar reflecting material remains functional for years to come and will not change colors.


Neutral solar film for commercial buildings is clear and can reflect up to 50% of the heat. This option for solar film looks like it’s not even there, so you can have it applied anywhere you like without impacting the space.

Like most solar films, this option reflects up to 99% of the UV rays. Over time, you will notice a difference in how often you need to replace items like carpet near the windows. You’ll see the benefits even as you enjoy the space.


Reflective solar film for commercial buildings offers a unique look for your building’s exterior as well as reflecting sunlight away. The film makes all windows appear darker and prevents passers-by from looking into your space. It’s a great option for offices with street-level windows.

Additionally, reflective window film excels in spaces where heat and glare factors are high. For example, if you’re looking at a commercial space where sunlight reflects in due to a water feature, this is a good option.

Dual Reflective

Dual reflective is a fantastic option if you want to preserve your view while setting up your tinting. The premise is that the exterior facing film is highly reflective and the interior facing one is only low to moderately reflective. The result is solid protection while maintaining your view.

While not as effective as a standard reflective solar film for commercial buildings, this choice does deliver solid protection from glare, heat, and UV rays. It also offers privacy for your employees from people passing by.

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Choosing the Best Solar Film for Your Space

Picking the best solar film for your commercial building is challenging, and there are many options. If you would like professional advice and a consultation, please contact our exceptional customer support team.